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Current and Past Clients



Attendees of Cat's Arbor Day webinar on Edible Landscapes and Soil Health shared these words and actions items that they were interested in pursuing:

     - "Cat is a wonderful educator and presenter, full of valuable knowledge and experience"

     - "I really enjoyed this webinar! I wish we had hours to just listen to Cat. What a wealth of knowledge she clearly possesses. Great           presentation & loaded with information - thanks so much!"

     - "I am going to look into creating guilds in my own garden and find other organizations or projects in my area that I can get                     involved in."

     - "Focus more on diverse lawn ecosystem[s] and share that knowledge with my friends. I already push for smaller lawns but I love              the idea of diverse lawns. Dandelions and gill over the ground working together. Yay!"

A giant thank you to our Montpelier Festival of Trees Keynote Speaker Cat Buxton - in the world we live, with all that is unfolding in your life, you brought your good humor, deep knowledge, success stories, and grounded love of the earth to NBNC, to help us see a new way to view the life beneath our feet. I overheard someone say to you afterwards: "I'll never look at dirt in the same way." Your powerful message, science, and approach got planted, took root, and bloomed at the Festival. As a result, yards of healthy soil, social rhizosphere, and social mycelia, will grow, tended by us who live in Montpelier. In the meanwhile, You should also know someone else said, “it's good to know that there just may be, one lawn mowed less in Worcester this summer.” No small thing : ) Thank You, Cat

~ Lynn Wild, Montpelier Tree Board

Cat was excellent as consultant to Bethlehem Elementary School as it designed, created and then planted its first school garden! She listened carefully to the garden committee about its hopes for the garden. She effectively translated the ideas into a practical but beautiful garden.

~ Nancy Stein, Bethlehem CT

I am the school nurse at Thetford Elementary School. I've worked closely with Cat for nearly ten years, developing a school garden which now includes 13 beds, berry gardens and fruit trees and an on-site compost system. There is no one like Cat for the passion, smarts, and practical know-how necessary to integrate complex systems around food, ecology, community and learning. She's experienced at forming steady, effective partnerships with clients to help them create their own clear and particular vision and to realize that vision with results both tangible and expansively intangible. Cat is a great teacher. She's able to express her knowledge simply, but compellingly, and is just great with kids. The gardens she's designed at Thetford Elementary School are not only exceptionally beautiful and healthy, but planted with intentional curricular or ecological purpose. Best of all, Cat is always learning, always excited by the prospect of new methods and knowledge and how to apply them to her current work. In short, Cat is the whole package, one of the most capable, creative, dedicated, reliable and hardworking individuals I've ever met.

~ Joette Hayashigawa, Thetford VT

I never miss an opportunity to invite Cat to engage with my students. 
For the past six years, Cat has been a valuable part of my courses at Dartmouth, and has led discussions, given lectures, and worked with my students in the field. Her holistic approach helps them understand the interconnectedness of soil and ecosystem health, community resilience, and human health. Cat brings incredible knowledge, energy, and passion to her work, and she inspires my students to ask better questions and to envision a hopeful future for our food systems.


~Sarah Bartos Smith

Senior Lecturer, Dartmouth College

The Sierra Club Upper Valley Group thanks you for the important role you played as a guest speaker for the program "BEES of not to BE" that took place in April at Vermont Law School. During initial planning for the program we hoped to find someone who is a good public speakers and familiar with plants, nurseries, pollinators and bugs. It did not take long to suggest you as the person to invite. We are very grateful that you were willing and available to accept our invitation to be a part of the program. You more than met our expectations. Immediately after your presentation and since then we have heard many positive comments about what attendees learned from your experience presentation on beneficial insects and the common pests they can control. It was such an important addition to a program condemning pesticide use. Again, thank you very much for the important role you played in the program, and equally important, for your generosity as a presenter. Both are much appreciated. 

~ Nina Swaim and Betsy Eldredge - Event Organizers and

Denis Rydjeski - Secretary, Sierra Club Upper Valley Group

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