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Super Compost Project

Institutionalize living compost systems into your schools’ outdoor classroom to increase real world problem solving opportunities, enhance the health of your schoolyard, and save money!

On-site compost systems have the potential to shift current organics hauling fees paid by most schools into an investment school staff, students, community engagement and regeneration. In addition to saving money, compost systems serve as a classroom extension enhancing STEM curriculum and providing a mechanism for a student-run business. 

Super Compost Overview

The Upper Valley Super Compost Project will support living compost systems as outdoor classrooms in schoolyards across 5 supervisory union regions in the Upper Valley of Vermont over a 3 year period.

This replicable model will lay a foundation for regions to collaborate in systemic change-making.


Learn about the Upper Valley Super Compost Project.  Watch it on YouTube:

finished compost_edited.jpg

Support the Super Compost Project! Receive all of our finished materials! Let's Close the Nutrient  Loop Everywhere!

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