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Upper Valley Super Compost Project

The Upper Valley Super Compost Project is institutionalizing living compost systems into 24 participating school outdoor classrooms.


The goal is to increase real-world problem-solving opportunities, enhance the health of schoolyards, school and community gardens, and save schools money!



Compost Sense

On-site compost systems have the potential to shift current organics hauling fees paid by most schools into an investment school staff, students, community engagement and regeneration.


In addition to saving money, compost systems serve as a classroom extension enhancing STEM curriculum and providing a mechanism for a student-run business. 

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How it Works

Participating schools get:

  • Covered compost system of their choice permitted, sited, built, and paid for

  • Two years of expert assistance from technical service providers

  • A structure that ensures continued oversight and improvement and a peer community

  • Plus additional resources to help teachers integrate the systems into the classroom.


This replicable model will lay a foundation for regions to collaborate in systemic change-making.

Designed for Success

The Upper Valley Super Compost Project was designed to meet identified challenges and barriers to composting at school

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The Upper Valley Super Compost Project has selected the final schools who will participate in this initial pilot project. Throughout our implementation we are creating a project template that future regions can adapt to carry this concept throughout New England and beyond!  

We are grateful to our funders who are supporting the physical structures, supplies, technical expertise and human capacity built-in to make this pilot project successful. 


Your donation will help us to show that our larger community supports responsible nutrient management at our schools. Crowdfunded donations also enable the UVSCP to meet emergent needs as our first-of-its-kind-project rolls into schoolyards across the Upper Valley of Vermont.


Thanks for submitting!

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The Upper Valley Super Compost Project has received funding from The Cotyledon Fund, The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation,

the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets Farm to School Vision grant, the Harris and Frances Block Foundation,

and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) through its Composting and Food Waste Reduction (CFWR) cooperative agreements program.


The Upper Valley Super Compost Project is fiscally sponsored by the Tiny Seed Project, Inc. 501(c)3. Your donation is tax-deductible.

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