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Interested in having GMWL consult on your project?

We are available by phone and in-person. To set up an appointment, please email Cat at with your name and a list of times in the next 7-10 days that work with your schedule for an initial phone call.

If you are with a School looking to work with GMWL, please check out our Schools page for more information and school assessments

Project Support

GMWL can help accomplish projects! Through tactful group facilitation, grassroots community organizing, stakeholder support building, and cooperative leadership and participatory learning models, GMWL can lead or collaborate with a group to achieve their goals. GMWL has experience working with teams of all sizes on policy, program development and implementation, and much more!

Composting and Zero Waste Consulting

Design, improve, or troubleshoot your composting and zero waste systems through simple waste assessments for homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, communities, small-scale operations, and small farms. Work with GMWL to take inventory of your resource use and design a path forward toward reducing inputs and increasing resilience. GMWL can provide information about worms, food scraps, compost teas and extracts, organic matter, yard waste, humanure, windrows, and more!


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