Educating and connecting communities to affect positive food system change, from the ground up.

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Presentations and Videos

Presentations on Waste Management

Cat Buxton is an effective and enthusiastic presenter. Several of her slideshows are available to view below. Contact Cat to schedule a presentation to include her engaging narrative for your school or community group. Handouts may be available with presentations.

Turning Trash To Treasure - Backyard Composting 101

Cat Buxton, VT Master Composter and community educator, and learn to reduce your trash size and smell, improve the health of your lawn and garden, and save money! Cat’s enthusiastic and simple approach will surely activate your interest and demystify the processes of composting.  She’ll cover the spectrum of practical compost ingredients, bins and styles, the conflicting lists of compost do’s and don’ts, and the role of compost in managing soil health.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Changing the Waste Culture at School

It typically takes two years to get a handle on the systems needed to improve waste management and to affect behavior changes in both staff and students at school. This two-part presentation identifies best practices for gaining compliance with Act 148: Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law, reviews available options, and covers the recommended timeline, steps, systems, and support that are necessary to have in place before you begin composting at school.

PART 1: Implementing Systems and Support to Reduce Waste at School

With Cat’s plan, the first year is typically dedicated to building the systems and support needed to shift the waste culture in your school. This presentation includes detailed steps for on-the-ground implementation of source separation of recycling and organics with an ultimate goal of waste reduction and positive behavior change. 

PART 2: Composting at School

Composting on site at school is often the least expensive and most educationally rich option. It's easy to do but it does require planning to ensure that everyone's comfort zone is considered. To avoid common mistakes, Cat recommends taking it slow and steady, and to plan for composting in year two. This presentation includes a basic overview of composting with a focus on the best practices for planning for your compost site, bin design, and recipe development.


Single Slide: 10 Steps to Managing School Waste

Lists the steps involved in organizing a school waste source separation program.

Presentations on Agricultural Systems

Attracting Beneficial Insects: Promoting Diversity Above and Below the Ground

Presented on April 18, 2015 at 'Bees: To Be, Or Not' at Vermont Law School in South Royalton, VT. Event hosted by the Upper Valley Sierra Club. Contact Cat to schedule a presentation for your group.

This single page chart VT Plants that Attract Beneficial Insects, by Bloom Time is a sample of Vermont native plants that are a high value to pollinators and beneficial insects, arranged by bloom time. The list is by no means complete. It is intended as a helpful tool in choosing common native plants that can provide a full season of blooms attractive to beneficial insects.


Soil and Agriculture: The Problem IS the Solution

This presentation covers some of the biggest concerns in agriculture and the solutions underfoot. Cat has presented this several times to Dartmouth creative writing students and to Woodstock high school students for their local foods course. 


Basic Nutrient Cycling

This presentation was designed for elementary school students to describe the basics of nutrient cycling and nutrient management.


Edible Communities

This presentation features some of Cat's edible landscaping at schools and in community gardens, and highlights the Upper Valley Apple Corps who plant fruit and nut trees in public spaces throughout the Upper Valley, all free-for-the pickin.


Growing Farm to School

A short slideshow film about the process of growing the edible school yard and food loop with Cat Buxton, Cedar Circle Farm, and the team at Thetford Elementary School, Thetford, VT.


Down On The Farm

A short slideshow film by Cat Buxton covering the education programs at Cedar Circle Farm and how they’ve made growing organic veggies and berries down on the farm in to a rich educational opportunity for learners of all ages.

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Compost & Gardening Consulting   •   Educational Services   •   Community Organizing   •   Food & Soil Advocacy   •   Zero Waste

Educating and connecting communities to affect positive food system change, from the ground up.