Connecting communities to affect positive food system change from the ground up.

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Grow More, Waste Less exists to empower people to affect positive food system change from the ground up.

Cat Buxton is a busy cross-pollinator. She’s the founding director of the Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition. A social entrepreneur, she runs Grow More, Waste Less, in Sharon VT, empowering and connecting communities to affect positive change from the ground up. She manages the edible schoolyard at Thetford Elementary School, weaving it into K-6 project based learning, and is a technical guide for community compost systems. She’s the coordinator for Upper Valley Apple Corps and a host of other projects. She loves to talk bugs, soil and plants. She consults and presents about building community resilience, soil health, composting, water catchment, landscape planning, monitoring landscape function and increasing biodiversity.

Contact Cat
Phone: (802) 359-3330


Compost and Zero Waste

  • Improve your systems: Simple waste assessments for homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. Cat can help you take inventory of your resource use and advise a path forward toward reducing inputs and increasing resilience.
  • Compost Doctor: – House calls locally. Make an appointment for a site visit or phone consultation.
  • Compost systems design: worms to windrows for backyards, school, community compost, and small-scale operations.
  • Compost instruction and support: food scraps, organic matter, yard waste, and humanure.
  • Making aerated compost tea and extracts to optimize natural biological nutrient cycling.
  • Curriculum development and support for composting, waste reduction, soil science.


Garden and Landscape

Maximize your green spaces by growing more food and flowers in heathy living soil. Cat can help you take inventory of your homescape, landscape and ecosystem function and advise a path forward toward reducing inputs and increasing resilience.

  • Simple container gardens to full-scale lawn conversions.
  • Sanctuary gardens. Theme gardens of all kinds, for learning, for bees and butterflies, or for fun!
  • Edible landscapes, annual and perennial vegetables, flowers, nuts and fruit.
  • Control pests using organic gardening practices and regenerative soil management.
  • Family gardening. Cat would love to coach your family in best practices for food production and land management.
  • Water catchment systems. Rain gardens. Watershed inventory.
  • Convert your lawn into a solar powered soil carbon sponge.


 Organizing & Advocacy

  • Speaker or presenter for your group, event, conference, or activist training.
  • Policies concerning: healthy soil, food, water, and ecosystems.
  • Grassroots community organizing and community building.
  • Outreach, messaging, communication, and social media campaigns.
  • Group facilitation. Active listening.
  • Cooperative leadership. Partcipatory learning.
  • Project coordinator: Building stakeholder and community support and executing the minute details to keep your project moving forward.


Public Speaking & Educational Presentations

For a sample of some of Cat’s past presentations, visit Cat's Gallery

  • Educator/presenter for all age groups.
  • Indoor or outdoor classes. Cat loves to present on these topics.
  • Custom presentations are available.
  • Soil health and compost curriculum.
  • Interactive games and activities connecting people to the planet.
  • Project Based Education, K-12.


TES Soil Science 2018

Soil Health Presentations and Trainings

The Soil Health Principles are a guide to understanding soil health and how sunlight, water, and biology interact. I work with the Soil Carbon Coalition to advance public education about soil and water health and to co-create participatory learning opportunities for people to observe landscape funtion and changes over time. The Soil Carbon Coalition website offers a series of learning resources. We organize Land Listening field days throughout the US.

In 2017, I founded the Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition to engage our community in shifting the paradigm of how people interface with the land. Anyone can join the conversation by taking the short survey on the website and following the instructions to join the VHSC listserv.

All of my classes and presentations are founded on the principles of understanding and building soil health.


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Food & Soil Advocacy   •   Consulting   •   Education   •   Community Organizing   •   Zero Waste

Connecting communities to affect positive food system change from the ground up.