Educating and connecting communities to affect positive food system change, from the ground up.

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Grow More, Waste Less | Food Systems Consulting, LLC

Cat Buxton promotes food system change through education and advocacy, working with individuals, schools, community groups and statewide organizations to make a difference one meal and one landscape at a time. From behavior change to climate change, local food to global food, grassroots organizing to legislative policy making, Cat is all about empowering people to affect the necessary changes to restore health to people and planet through individual daily actions.

Cat is a life long gardener and environmental activist. She feels that everyone should and can have access to healthy food and soil. A consultant and an effective and enthusiastic teacher, presenter and community organizer, Cat is the garden manager for Thetford Elementary School’s edible schoolyard, a project she co-founded in 2007. She manages the Farm to School and composting program at the Newton School in Strafford, VT. She is the coordinator for Upper Valley Apple Corps, project manager for the Hartford Riverwalk Trail, and Co-Director of Soil4Climate-Vermont. She is a certified Vermont Master Composter.

She coordinated the education programs for Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center from 2007-2014 leading farm tours, planning events large and small, teaching, pioneering farm to school programs and community gardens, and promoting food policy through grassroots organizing. She is the field organizer for the Vermont Right To Know Coalition who championed Vermont’s first-in-the-nation GMO food labeling law in 2014. She won the 2015 Jack Cook Award at the NOFA-VT Winter Conference for her work in ‘Growing The Good Food Movement.’ She teaches classes and offers consultations throughout the Upper Valley and beyond.

Cat lives in the hills of Sharon, Vermont with her husband, three cats, and lots of plants. She prefers to consult, advocate, present, and teach locally but could be inspired to travel if the time is right and the work is exciting!


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Send Cat an email at to request an appointment. Phone (802) 359-3330.


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”Cat was excellent as consultant to Bethlehem Elementary School as it designed, created and then planted its first school garden! She listened carefully to the garden committee about its hopes for the garden. She effectively translated the ideas into a practical but beautiful garden.”

~ Nancy Stein, Bethlehem CT



”I am the school nurse at Thetford Elementary School. I've worked closely with Cat for nearly ten years, developing a school garden which now includes 13 beds, berry gardens and fruit trees and an on-site compost system. There is no one like Cat for the passion, smarts, and practical know-how necessary to integrate complex systems around food, ecology, community and learning. She's experienced at forming steady, effective partnerships with clients to help them create their own clear and particular vision and to realize that vision with results both tangible and expansively intangible. Cat is a great teacher. She's able to express her knowledge simply, but compellingly, and is just great with kids. The gardens she's designed at Thetford Elementary School are not only exceptionally beautiful and healthy, but planted with intentional curricular or ecological purpose. Best of all, Cat is always learning, always excited by the prospect of new methods and knowledge and how to apply them to her current work. In short, Cat is the whole package, one of the most capable, creative, dedicated, reliable and hardworking individuals I've ever met.”

~ Joette Hayashigawa, Thetford VT

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Compost & Gardening Consulting   •   Educational Services   •   Community Organizing   •   Food & Soil Advocacy   •   Zero Waste

Educating and connecting communities to affect positive food system change, from the ground up.